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    • Firstly it is ridiculed.
    • Secondly it is opposed.
    • Thirdly it is accepted as being self-evident.
  • EFT can help you go through life with less stress, pain, grief and anger.
  • EFT can help you have a more joyful and more fulfilled life.
  • EFT can help you experience a peaceful existence.

But like anything worthwhile EFT will work if you use it.


Dr Roger Callahan, a traditionally trained psychologist, had been working with his client Mary who had severe water phobia since childhood, to the point that she was afraid of the ocean, rain, swimming pools and even afraid to bathe her two children, she was in her 40’s.

Dr Callahan had tried all the techniques accepted by psychologists, psychiatrists and public at large. This wasn’t the first time these techniques had failed and Dr Callahan was also disappointed with the lack of concrete results and length of time it took to bring about change in clients.

Dr Callahan around this time had been studying the bodies’ meridian points. Meridians, is the basis of ancient Chinese medical system of acupuncture. Meridian run up and down either side of the body, each meridian is associated with a different organ i.e stomach, gall bladder, kidney and so on. Each meridian also has a endpoint – a specific location on the  surface of the body where you can access the energy channel  , either with needles ( acupuncture ) or by simple touch ( acupressure ) to balance or unblock  the energy flow  through  that particular meridian.

In one session, Mary revealed, that when thinking about the water caused a terrible feeling in the pit of her stomach, it occurred to Dr Callahan that tapping on the stomach meridian point, just below the eye, might help with Mary’s stomach sensation, so he asked her to tap that spot with her fingertips. Mary did as she was asked , to their mutual surprise, after just a few minutes of tapping, she soon exclaimed, “its gone” that horrible feeling I get in the pit of my stomach when I think of water is completely gone. She double checked by going to the swimming pool and discovered that she did not feel any anxiety being close water.  Mary’s water phobia was gone.


As a result of the experiment with Mary, Dr Callahan deepened his study of meridian endpoints,
exploring the combination of traditional psychotherapy with tapping on different parts of the body,  he developed a set of algorithius or sequences of tapping points for different problems.

One of Dr Callahan’s student called Gary Craig determined that the sequence of tapping isn’t as important as simply doing the tapping. To make tapping easier, he created a single sequence which is the basis for what he later called EFT short for emotional freedom techniques. This EFT sequence was designed to hit all major meridian endpoints, regardless of the issue.

Source: The tapping solution by Nick Ortner

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