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Citation (APA Style): Haynes, T. (2010). Effectiveness of Emotional Freedom Techniques on occupational stress for preschool teachers (Doctoral dissertation). UMI Dissertation Publishing: UMI 3412819.


Occupational stress may be directly related to teacher burnout and general job dissatisfaction within the teaching profession. While research has shown that teaching is among the most stressful of occupations, there is currently limited research on the implementation or effectiveness of stress management programs. The present study examined the effectiveness of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) on the reduction of stress for preschool teachers. The study was conducted according to a single-subject design (N=2), in which levels of stress and anxiety were measured before and after the five-week training of EFT. Following the completion of training, both participants in the study reported decreased levels of stress and anxiety. However, at six month follow up, results were more varied.

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