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EFT Patient Reviews

“Being a total NON believer of this therapy I challenged Mala to prove that this actually works. I have never liked raw onions and was pretty confident that no one could get me to eat onions so this was my challenge to Mala …. Get Me To Eat ONIONS
One evening at a restaurant she made me say a few positive things about my self and the onions and tap on various points on my body.
To be honest I found this so funny and did not give it a second thought.
When I went back into the restaurant unknowingly I was having an onion salad with my food.

I thought that it must just have been luck.
Once I told her something keeps on disturbing me everyday and I feel very scared and uneasy.
She worked on me only for me to realise that an incident that happened to me many years ago was still on my mind and with Malas help I could get rid of that fear.
Thank you Mala ….
Ok yes Mala I have to admit your therapy really works”

Rakesh Gandhi, Manager, UK

“For years it was such a problem for me to fligh on a plan, until Mals Shah helped me to get rid of it. I have no idea what she did, but after so many years of horrible hours on the plane I am ok. Because of my job I have to flight so much and now Mala gets from me the Noble Price.”

Christoph Meininger, Publisher, Germany

“Mala worked on my neck pain and the pain disappeared in no time. And touch wood it has not come back. Very effective. A must to try.”

Sheetal Mandavia

“EFT helped  me in thinking positive and believing in myself. Thanks  to Mala I can work on myself by the EFT method.”

Priti Shah

“EFT is a perfect solution for every problem. I suffered childhood traumas, fear of height. EFT helped me come out of those miseries and I was able to move on in life with confidence. This therapy is 100% effective I would recommend to anyone who has even health issues.”

Smita Patel

“I consulted Mala after I started getting recurring travel sickness ( mainly when travelling by car). Mala started by asking me a few questions and then followed by what explaining what was involved in tapping and areas to tap.
Within a couple of consultations, my car sickness practically disappeared! The best part was that I did not have to have any medicines,injections or needles poking me to cure me of my car sickness. Definitely worth the consultation and would highly recommend her.”

Hetal Doshi

“I suffered from back aches for many years, assuming it was hereditary since many of my family members also suffered. However, Mala used EFT to help me to understand what the root cause of the pain was and how to take control of it, if and when it happened again. From it happening at least twice a year, the frequency has reduced to once in two years and I’m able to recognise when it’s going to happen and prevent it from happening, using EFT. This has given me back control and I highly recommend Mala and her EFT methods to help you take back control of the quality of your life.”

Chandesh Parekh, Digital Entrepreneur, UK

“Mala helped me deal with my phobias and low self esteem issues. While going through the therapy, not only has she made me a confident person, she has also also been able to determine the root cause of my phobias, pessimism and low self esteem and eradicate them in a way that they would never resurface. A must try treatment if you feel pessimistic and are suffering from low self esteem. She definitely is the best. It is very easy to confide in her and her EFT techniques always make you feel better. Whatever life throws at you EFT helps you deal with it in a more graceful and calm way. Mala aunty you are the best!”

Bhumi Satyajit Turumella, Banker, Kenya

“You cannot change your yesterday but you can do something today to change your tomorrow. that’s why we all need to know about malahealth therapy. Just to give a short story about my child who was born with cerebral palsy, that really made us so confused. There’s nothing we could do at that time. So I called malahealth and she really helped me a lot. For sure your lives will not be the same again. she also did it to my wife and now we are happy.”

Joseph Okungu Ang'ila, Driver, Kenya

“I had treatment with Mala because I was holding onto the past and this was stopping me from moving on. I was stressed and had a shoulder injury which was so painful that I just did not know what to do.

I was a bit spectacle about it but was open to see if it would help. To my surprise it did.

Afterwards I started feeling better in myself. I let go of stuff that was making me bitter and found peace inside of me that is so fulfilling.
My life has changed so much. I got promoted after being in the same grade for 15 years. My relationships are better and I have let go of things and people that in the past have not supported or been there for me. I feel happier and more confident to try new adventures.

Mala is brilliant and what she does is inspirational. Thank you for giving me my life. It’s never to late to change and have the life you want and deserve.”

Priti Mehta

“I had a shoulder pain that was making it very painful to lift my arm above a certain point. Although I tried a number of exercises nothing was giving me more than a day’s relief. I didn’t know much about the EFT technique but Mala explained it very patiently to me and I decided to try it. Even after just one session I felt a lot lighter and the difference was very obvious. On top of that the pain has not returned since that session. I would recommend this method to anyone as it’s safe and has no side effects and I would recommend Mala as it is very easy to open up to her which this process relies on a lot.”

Shraddha Parekh, Product Owner, UK

“Got relieved from many aches and pains and is a wonderful experience as well. Where doctors couldn’t figure out this treatment helped. Definitely worth going through…”

Madhvi Sanghrajka, Kenya

“The pain on the heels of my foot was a chronic condition. After one treatment with Mala the pain reduced immediately. And in fact after a day was almost gone. The way the treatment is executed, you feel a kind of increase in energy. It is both a pain and stress reliever.

Definitely recommended, as it is a real healer.”

Renuka Shah, Accountant, Kenya

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